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New Ribbon Menu Structure

The new ribbon menu structure brings;
  • Easy to use interface,
  • Menus that can guide the user better with new icon designs,
  • Customizable menus with quick access toolbar,
  • Updated welcome screen.

Resizing Blocks with Reblock

Reblock feature can work on Block Models including sub-blocks while;
  • Preserving predictive values,
  • Processing with more than one attribute value,
  • Taking into account the density values,
  • Resizing in a practical way, especially for block simplification before optimization.

Reporting in JORC Standards

With Source Classification Feature

Reporting of inferred, indicated and measured reserve classes in JORC standards by selecting attributes and density with the resource classification feature
With source classification feature;
  • Can make different attribute selections,
  • It can automatically calculate the average distance between boreholes,
  • Determine inferred, indicated and measured reserve limit values,
  • Calculate reserves on a drill-by-drill basis,
  • Can display reserve results thematically on a graphical screen,
  • At the end of the transaction, you can output a reserve report in JORC standards.

Adding New Borehole with Selection from Graphical Display

With the ability to select from the graphical display;
  • When adding a new borehole, it can determine the position from the graphical display,
  • Can edit the coordinates of the specified location,
  • You can move existing drilling data to any location on the topography,
  • In exploration activities, you can add new drilling locations by selecting from the topography for new drilling locations.

Ease of Design with New Editing Tools

Edit option has been added to be used in open pit and underground design processes.
In 3D environment with this newly developed tool;
  • In the process of editing the pit lines, it is possible to delete by selecting points in bulk,
  • Ability to zoom to the broken points of the selected object with the edit operation, change the elevation and coordinates,
  • Detection of the broken point to be edited by point selection from the graphic screen,
  • Possibility of manual intervention to X, Y, Z values,
  • It is possible to access the edit process from the shortcuts opened with the right mouse button.

Curve Plotting and Smoothing Feature

With the new version, curve drawing and smoothing features for all 3D layers have been added.
With the new features;
  • Smoothing of all boundary and area objects,
  • Ability to produce curve objects from selected points on the graphic screen by smoothing at a specified rate,
  • Selectively smooth multiple border and area objects,
  • Use of smoothing and interpolation methods for smoothing,
  • Determining the object smoothing rate,
  • Preview of the objects to be smoothed on the preview screen,
  • It is ensured that the smoothing process can be performed by preserving the point elevations in objects produced at different elevations.

Revised Legend Structure

It is now easier to manage projects with the renewed legend structure.
Thanks to the new legend structure;
  • Display of long legends,
  • Minimization,
  • A more ergonomic structure has been introduced with the ability to take the Lajant out of the program and move it to a separate screen.

Automatically Detect Faulty Boreholes with Drilling Surface Control Feature

Drilling surface control feature has been added. With this feature, it is ensured that the boreholes with incorrect elevations on or below the surface are reported by entering a certain sensitivity and their elevations can be corrected automatically depending on the option.

Drilling & Block Importing Operations Made Easy

Drilling and block model importing interfaces have been changed. With this change, importing operations have become more practical.
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