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Sample Project Application Videos

 1.Data Entry and Evaluation of Data
 2.Surface Creation Processes With Drilling
 3.Add Fault Processes
 4.Create Solid Model Between Intersurface
 5.Create Cross Section Processes
 6.Block Model And Estimation Processes
 7.Open Pit Mining
 8.Underground Mining

Academic Papers

 Open Pit Desing With Netpro/MINE
 Surface Modeling Techniques and the Application to Coal Deposit
 Computer Aided 3D Designs on Open Pit Mining
 Computer Aided Evaluation of Afsin Elbistan Lignite Kislakoy Open Cast Mine
 Investigation of Reserve Distrubution of the Collolar Sector In Afsin-Elbistan Lignite Field By The Netpro/MINE
 Three Dimensional Orebody Modelling And Mine Design
 Technological and Integrated Approach to Open Pits and Underground Mining Project Processes
 A Sample for the Determination of Areas Having Flood Risk in Mining Operational Areas by Basin, Rainfall and Flood Analys Hurman Watercourse, Afsin Elbistan

Course Contents

 Ore Modeling, Open Pit and Underground Design Applications | nk005b/mine
 Geological Solid Modeling Project Applications | nk006b/Geomine
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