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Netigma 4 



This document introduces innovations introduced in Netigma 4.

Current Versios






Fully Refurbished Design, Better View on Mobile

  • Page Editor moved on top.
  • Grid Renewed
  • Icon Mode Added to Menu on the Left

Completely New Map Interface

  • Using the new build of SDK4, map processing is now done on the client side.
  • Since Netigma map opens a map on SDK4 on itself instead of another window, everything that can be done in SDK4 can be done in Netigma too.
  • Point, line, area and area drawing queries are done with Netigma queries.
  • Query results displayed on the map are retrieved from Netigma queries.
  • Query result table and map are in constant interaction. Selected record is marked on the map responsively.
  • Data that used to prepare thematic maps are taken from the current query results.
  • Data dictionary dependency of City Guide eliminated. Query result shown from Netigma queries.



Task Module & Information Services

Tasks that should be run periodically in Netigma can be defined using Task Module. Task defined using Task Module can handle Netigma operations such as sending e-mail/SMS for a custom record set or a user list or can do system maintenance or can be coded on the Netigma API to do completely custom jobs. Task Module uses Netcad Base' Scheduler Server.

Netigma 4 includes "Query Template Operation Run Task". Example use cases of this and other possible tasks are listed below;

Query Template Operation Run Task

  • Every Monday send report e-mail to heads of departments. (Eposta Işlemi )
  • Send information to the managers about created projects in the last month via SMS ( SMS Işlemi )
  • Change the status of the applications whose last reply date has expired to passive, every night.( Durum Değiştirme Işlemi )
  • ..


[CUSTOM] System Maintenance Task

  • Clear the logs older than 3 months every night

[CUSTOM] Replicaiton Task

  • Get the changed records from the X service, write to the database every two weeks on Wednesday.


Renewed Graphical Features

  • Display data in a single graph; The pivot grid result, as shown in the illustration, can be combined with a single graph.





  • Interaction with the mouse: When navigating with the mouse over the chart, values are displayed in the hint window (see screenshots) Displayed values can be formatted.
  • Thema and color palette options; Advanced options are added, the same graph can be shown with many different color options.
  • New and advanced 3 dimensional graphic options







Dynamic Value Calculator

Object Based Authentication


How to do Object Based Authentication


General Search

  • Results of General Search can be shown on the map directly.


Other Innovations

  • Registration History BKZ : Registration History Module
  • Reinstall the application : Reads server configurations from the beginning and reloads the meta. Restarting IIS services on every setting change is not required.
  • Report editing link.

Better Performance

  • Communication with Netcad Base services optimized.




More Possibilities for Programmers




Old Features


Layout Support

  • No more software knowledge is needed to customize the layout ıf the home page and the login page.
  • Applications developed on Netigma may look completely different. ( Ör : KÖYDES, MERA vs.. )
    • The differences are not limited to colors.
    • Layout of Netigma contents, institute/application logo can be different too.

Page Address Changes

Additional Files


Maximum Number of Files to Add

  • The maximum number of records that can be added to a record can now be specified via the parameter server.
  • If the maximum number of records that can be added to a contact is reached, a warning is issued and no new files can be added to that record.

File Type Based Maximum File Sizes

  • Based on the file type, the maximum file size now can be specified via the parameter server.
  • Default definitions of the file types under parameter server are defined as ".jpg=;.png=;.docx=;.xlsx=;". Also file size can be defined in "mb" or "kb" in parameterserver.
  • For example; if maximum file size limit is going to be determined for the files with .png extension ".jpg=;.png=10mb;.docx=;.xlsx=" expression can be used.
  • One must be sure there is no gap between the size and type; if it is written like "10 mb" there will be an error.



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