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Beside general help, there are specific help buttons depends on where you are in Netigma what operation you are doing, e.g. if you are editing a query page and not sure what you'll do then click on related help button, you'll be leaded to query page and related topic's help sources. This page gives info about where you can find these helps, in your NETIGMA.


Common Help

Common help topics topics explains NETIGMA's fundamental aspects. It is one of the quick tabs, you can find them at the right top of your NETIGMA.

Page Specific Helps

If you are beginner or not sure what you should do for some certain type of opearation, then you can check specific help buttons. These specific helps explain its kind of operations (query, form and homepage)

  1. Helps for Query page:

  2. Helps for Homepage

  3. Helps for Info card:


Quick Tours

Similar to page sepecific helps, these helps target to teach you how you can use NETIGMA's features. These helps include gifs so that without leaving your app you may get help from them. They are placed at the right top of the page:

Example: Start Tour for Query Page Usage:

Click on Next to see general methods about query pages:

Similar to this, there are also quick tours for forms and homepage.

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