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Network Setup

Installation Files

To use the network, users must have the 'Network License Distributor' and 'Netcad Network Service' installation on their computer. The downloaded file is used in both installations.

Download Link

Netcad Network Service

(For Network Keys)

Activator fo Network License Keys & Hasp Licence Distribution


Server Computer

After the Network License Distributor and the Netcad Network Service installation processes, the NETHASP.ini file in the C:\Netcad folder needs to be edited.

Open the NETHASP file with Open/Notepad, write localhost in the line NH_SERVER_ADDR and save the file.

In order to activate Netcad on the server computer, run Netcad.Network.Application.exe and activation is performed from the folder where Netcad Network Service is installed from C:\Program Files (x86)\Netcad\Netcad Network Service.

About activation procedures (?)

On the server computer, the lock is activated and the operation is checked by running Netcad. The IP information of the server computer is learned and transferred to the client computers.


To find out the IP address of the computer where the license lock is installed, users can access the DOS Admin window by typing cmd in the start/run line of the computer.

Users can get this information from IPv4 Address by typing ipconfig in C:\User\user.user>.

Client Computer

Client (user) computers that are running Netcad should be valid on the same network with the server computer with the lock installed.

In order to run Netcad on the user's side, the server computer must be turned on, the Network License Distributor program should be running and the license lock must be installed.

After Netcad installations on the user's computer, the file NETHASP.ini in C:\Netcad is saved to the file NH_SERVER_ADDR by registering the IP information with the license lock attached (eg NH_SERVER_ADDR =

When Netcad is started, it will connect to the lock and the lock number starting with N will be observed during startup.


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