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Optimization Settings

OreProject types specified in project specifications
AttributeOre to be optimized
Number of PeriodsThe duration of the mine bed to be optimized
Number of ProcessesNumber of processes where the ore model is processed
Mine Capacity (Tons / Year)Tonnage of the panel strip and ore that is extracted in a year
LoadIt is the section where previously saved *.xml extension quarry optimization settings are loaded.
KeepThe section where the quarry optimization settings are stored as * .xml. 

Unit Operation CostContains cost information
Unit Process CostIncludes preparation cost information
Cost of SalesIncludes sales information
Ore DensityOptimized ore model density

OreOre selection is made. There can be multiple attributes.
Sale PriceIncludes the price information of the ore.
Metallurgy CostIncludes metallurgy price information.

Panel Strip DensityPanel Strip Density
Unit Panel Strip Excavation CostWaste field cost

Operating CapacityProcess-based annual ore capacity.

Ore Gain RatioPercentage of ore gain ratio.

Reduction RatioThe annual depreciation of the money (Inflation).
Depth FactorThe changing cost factor as you go deeper.
Max Capacity /NBDOptimization is the parameter that is determined to maximize the capacity or the Net Present Value. Capacity is maximized as it gets closer to 0, and NBS is maximized as it gets closer to 1.
Limit Tenor RangeIt is a parameter that can be used between 0 and 1 to extend the range of average tenor value.
Sales Price UnitUnit sales price.
Optimization AccuracyThe number of iterations. In the case of a very high selection, the optimization process is prolonged and the results are better suited to mining practice.
Mine LifeIt is decided whether or not the whole minefield to be produced or a specified period during optimization.

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