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Default Step Definition

The default parameters window is accessed via a right click on the quarry. 

For the open quarry to be created, it is the window where the basic information is defined and automatically generated according to these definitions. 

These values are constant; all values to be used for the quarry design are flexible. When requested, it can be changed in the relevant window and changed to the parameters defined by the default step definition again. 

In the areas specified in the mine design, Transition identification is used in order to use different Angle of Deviation or Step Width. 

Slope Angle

The angle of the imaginary line in degrees of the virtual line drawn between the starting and ending heights of all of the designed quarries.

Step Width

The equipment to be used in the furnace is the step width value in meters in terms of width and rock stability.

Step Slope

The slope value is the percentage between the start and end points of the step level.

Step Height

The height of a step in the vertical direction.

Step Angle

It is the step angle value in degrees calculated based on geotechnical parameters.

Calculation Method

The above parameters are calculated automatically in two ways;

  • When the step width is fixed, the digit width value entered by the user remains constant and other parameters are automatically calculated and varied according to this value.
  • When the Slope Angle is fixed, the slope angle value assigned by the user is kept constant and the other parameters vary according to this value.

Open quarries can be designed in 4 different ways, Up-Out, Up-In, Down-Out and Down-In.

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