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Create Slope Top

It is a feature that enables the creation of the quarry slope top line. With this feature, individual quarry lines can be created at desired parameters. 

Minimum and Maximum Z Values

The slope shows the minimum and maximum Z values of the line to be created.

Step Angle

The step angle value in degrees calculated based on the geotechnical parameters.

Limit Elevation

This variable specifies which Z elevation the line to be created shall go. When the button next to the right is clicked, the Z value to be driven according to the default values is automatically calculated and presented to the user.

Corner Drawing MethodThis feature can be used to create a flat or round shape of the corners in the quarry lines to be created.
DirectionOpen quarries can be designed in 4 different ways, Up-Out, Up-In, Down-Out and Down-In.
Default Values

All of the parameters defined as default values are automatically assigned to the variables in the form "Create Curve Line". 

If different values are to be used, appropriate parameters can be written in the required fields for the variables.

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