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Ramp Definitions

It is a feature used to add transportation ways between open quarry design steps. The ramp definition is performed using the right button Ramp Definitions section on the quarry lines. 

If the ramp definition is performed on the quarry line, the design starts to be produced on that line. As the slopes progress, the quarry will automatically advance to the ramps in the design. 

Multiple ramp definitions can be made on the same quarry line. 

Add New Ramp

It is the section where the ramp is to be created on the selected quarry line. More than one ramp can be added to a quarry line in different directions.

DeleteDeletes added ramps.
NameThis is the section where the ramp is named.
WidthProjeye eklenecek olan rampanın genişlik değerinin, kullanıcı tarafından işletme için verimli ve emniyetli olacak şekilde belirlenmesini sağlayan bölümdür.
Slope(%)This is the section that allows the width value of the ramp to be added to the project is determined by the user to be efficient and safe for the operation.

Ramps can be created in 3 directions as Clockwise, Counter-Clockwise and Straight Ramp.

Ramps that are created Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise are circular ramps and they follow the quarry lines.

However, Straight Ramp is independent of the kiln with an angle, slope and width given from the starting point of the ramp. The direction shown by the angle from the starting point represents the center line of the ramp.

Express RampIt is the type of ramp on which traverses between steps are created without any shifting between ramps.
ShiftingThe type of ramp on which transport routes are created by entering the amount of shift between ramps.
Starting point

The location of the point that the program automatically assigns when the mouse is clicked on the Start Point button. When you click the Start Point button, all points on the line are marked yellow. The user selects the appropriate one of these points from the line on the 3D screen with the mouse. 

After the starting point selection, the ramp direction is determined. The ramp advances according to the selected direction (clockwise or counterclockwise).


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