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Printer Friendly Query Report Design Tool


Devexpress XtraReports is used as a tool for preparing printer friendly reports. This page describes what Devexpress XtraReports can do and how to use it. 


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Report Controls (Components)

Label (XRLabel) 

Used to drag or drop a label or field to the report.  


If it is used to insert a label, the corresponding label information is written to the "Text" attribute.If it is used to insert a data field, the corresponding data field is selected in the "Data Association" property. 






Checkbox (XRCheckBox) 

Used to add a checkbox (selection box) to the report by drag and drop.  

It can be used only by entering text or associating it with data as it is in the Label component. 


RichText (XRRichText) 

When this component is used, it can be formatted by writing HTML code. 

Image Box (XRPictureBox) 

Used to insert images into a report by drag and drop.  The image to be added can also be selected from the computer, can also be imported from the web by giving the URL. 

The top page and sub page images in the Sample Construction Status Report were created using this component. 


Panel (XRPanel) 

Drag and drop to the report design area. The panel is used to move other components placed on top together, to easily set common features.  

Table (XRTable) 

The detail table area included in the Sample Construction Status Report was created using this component. 


Line (XRLine)

When this component is used in any "band" of the report, it displays the line in that area. General usage areas:

  • Detail is given in band, between graphic, dial etc.
  • In order to ensure that the line between the two data is displayed by placing the detail band at the bottom
  • Just above the report sub-information
  • Below the title of the report ... etc can be used in any place where the line is required in the report.
  • One of the example uses is in the following image: 

Shape (XRShape) 

The shape component is used to add any of the shapes in the Devexpress library to the report screen. 

In the following example, square brackets are placed on both sides of the page footer using the XRShape component. 

Barcode (XRBarCode) 

This component is used if it is required to have a printed bar code. 

Zip Code (XRZipCode) 

Used to add zip code to the report. 

Graph (XRChart) 

The XRChart component is used to add graphics to the report. 

Dial (XRGauge) 

The dial component is used to add a dial to the report. 

Sparkline (XRSparkline) 

This component is used to add a sparkline-type chart to the report. 

Pivot Grid (XRPivotGrid) 

This component is used to add the PivotGrid to the report.  

Page Info (XRPageInfo) 

This component is used when you want to use page information as the report footer or header. Information such as page number, page number / total page number, date / time, user name etc. can be added in page information detail. 

Report Bands

TopMarginBandIt is located at the top of each page, in the PageHeaderBand or above the ReportHeaderBand. 
ReportHeaderBandIt is at the beginning of the report. The report is used to add information that will not be repeated on every page, such as a cover page. 
PageHeaderBandIt is located at the top of every page, under TopMarginBand or ReportHeaderBandin. It is used to show the information on each page, such as a page number or table header, that continues from the previous page.
GroupHeaderBandAt the beginning of each group or at the top of the page if the group pages are spread out. It specifies group criteria and is used to provide information about grouped records. For more information SEE.
DetailBandDetail band is located between the other bands on the page and is a band that can not be erased. For each data record, DetailBand repeats. If this field contains static data, that data is repeated in every record fetched from the data source. Detailed features can be accessed from this page.
DetailReportBandMaster-Detail is used in reports. It is located under DetailBand.
GroupFooterBandAt the end of each group, or for a group that covers several pages, it is below each page. This band is used to display summary information about the group. 
ReportFooterBandIt is at the end of the report. It is used to display result information such as grand total etc. 
PageFooterBandBelow each page, it is located between ReportFooterBand and BottomMarginBand. It is used to display information such as page number, table sub information etc. to continue on the next page.
BottomMarginBandIt is located at the bottom of every page under PageFooterBand.
SubBandThe underlying source acts as a functional copy of the band. An infinite number of sub-bands can be added to each report band except for the margin band.