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File Read operation is carried out in order to be able to transfer the drill data to newly created project database file. Data tables (drill, angle, lithology, raw sampling) to be transferred should be prepared in *.csv format.

In order to add the *.csv formatted tables to the newly created project database; right-click the created project and choose Read command.

Because a separate *.csv file is created for all data tables to be transferred, transferring should be carried out for every file.

FileIt is the part where *.csv (drill, angle, lithology, raw sampling) extension files are loaded. You can access the sample drill, angle, lithology, raw sampling files here.
Data ControlIt is the part where Farthest Distance and Nearest Distance entries of drills are made in drill read operation. Especially, in the cases where angled drills are being carried out from the same coordinates, it is required to make the appropriate parameter choice.
Start Line NumberIt represents the data start line number in a *.csv file.
Transfer TypeIt is the part where the *.csv extension data that is installed in File and the same named choice is made.
BracketIt represents the bracket used in the *.csv extension file.
File ColumnIt is the part where the columns within *.csv extension file is chosen in column matching operation.
Column to be addedIt is the part where the columns within project database is chosen in column matching operation.
AddIt is the part where the columns chosen in File Column and Column to be added parts are matched.


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