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Query Pages


Query pages are made of individual queries which are made of query criterias, query results elements and their view properties etc. Here in this page with an example-named Geostates-, general information about query screen and query result screen with their contents are described.

Anatomy of Query Screen

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1.  Pin Search Form: Open/hides query criteria area

2. Query and Query Templates: Saved query templates are listed in here

3. Save Template: Saves query as an template

4. New Record:  You can add new records and see them in the query results. For example you can add new state name and provide other related fields then save it and query again you'll see your new record in the query result.

5. Helps For Query Pages, you'll directed to this help document

6. Edit Mode: It is a quick way to edit the current page and its contents/fields in terms of designs and their behaviours/types etc. For detailed information about edit mode, see related pages section.

7. Selected Fields: From here you can easily reorder the columns same thing with column orders.

8. Query Criteria Area: As you define the columns , its query editor properties. you also design the query criterias. You can select which criteria should appear and which format input should it accepts from your end user and perform query.

9. Column Selection: Columns belongs to the object and its relations' columns are placed here. You can select/decide which columns should placed in the query result collection.

10.Statistical report: From here you can select the related data columns and perform agggregate functions and use the calculated values in the query result. For detailed information about statistical reports, see related pages section.

11. Query: Performs query

12. Clean Form: Cleans search entries from the query criterias.


Anatomy of Query Result Screen

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Under Grid Buttons: These buttons are shortcut to perform operations such as add file, show query results in map, get thematic, create statistical graph and more which are depend on the query result collection. Moreover, there is an export button that you can quickly export the the results in word, excell, csv and pdf format.

Query Result View: You can change the grid view for the query results, i.e. for queries which their results includes some graphical reports in the detailed query you can prefer card view.