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Query Reports - Printer Friendly Report


Query Reports unlike HTML reports, its preparation is performed directly through the query. Use report wizard to speed report preparation. This document describes the process of preparing printer friendly query reports. 


Defining a Query Report

  1. On the Queries interface, click on Query Report, this opens query reports interface.
  2. If there is no report defined before you can quickly create new one, click on  
  3. and give name and display name for the report.
  4. Then Click on Report Design Tool, the following screen is the view of report design tool:

o prepare a quick way, select Design in Report Wizard:

Then select a template and click on Next:


You see that the report wizard has two panels: the left panel lists the query result fields. From these areas, the ones required to take part in the report are selected (in selected data fields panel) then click on next or you can finish here too

Then you create groups from available data fields. From available fields to groups, click on + button to get multiple for the same group, click on up down arrows to order the groups , e.g. World Happiest Country Field will be at the top of the query result screen etc.

At the next stage, you select data fields and functions for data summary operation:

Then enter a title for the report and click on Finish.


To preview click on preview button. You can export the designed report as HTML, XLS, CSV, PDF, RTF, Image, XLSX, etc. You can make further settings for Export options:


Associating the Query Report with the Query Result screen

After designing the report, you need to associate with the query. For this:

  1. A new data field is defined by following the menu of Management -> Framework Operations -> Object List -> Column List .
  2. The display editor as Link.
  3. Action as Query Report link

Query Report Cloning

Click on Clone button then provide name and display name for the cloned report. The design of the clone report is identical to the main report; use Report Design Tool to modify the design, add fields, remove fields, etc. Field can be added to report by introducing "Data Source".


Introducing the data source to the query report


When you need to do this?

  1. While designing the report without using the Wizard
  2. Before adding a new data field, graphic, redesign etc. to a report from the clone one.

To add a data source to a query report:

  • Click on the database icon that is at the right of the report design screen:


  • Click on the Add Data Source icon in the upper right corner of the popup panel. The "Data Source" statement is selected from the drop-down list. 

Devexpress Documentation

Report Design Tool uses devexpress report designer features, for example in the properties you see expression, this provides a variety of aggregate, date-time, logical, math and string functions; but maybe you don't know how to use it properly, so feel free to check the documentation here to get more guides about report preparation.