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Add Road

When the right button shortcut is added to the roads, the route points of the road are selected from the 3D screen and digitization is performed. 

The road design window will be opened automatically when the operation is completed with the right click after the digitization process. 

In the window opened; 


It is the part where the horizontal route definitions belonging to the road are made. 

With the help of this section, the curvature radius of the path can be defined as interacting with the 3D screen. The entered curvature radius will be dynamically displayed on the 3D screen. 

Also in this section, the route point numbers of the road are kept in X and Y coordinate values. 



This is the part where the vertical route definitions for the road are made. 

When you go to the vertical section, the surface of the road must be selected on the 3D screen. 

In this section, the most appropriate criteria can be determined by the user by changing the values of the elevation, slope (%) and curve radius of the road. 

After defining all the parameters for the road, the Create Road button at the bottom left of the window is selected and the window automatically closes. 

After this process the red level of the road is defined. 


The metric information for the path added to the project is kept in this section. 

Min Slope, (%)Road min. % slope value.
Max Slope, (%)  Road max. % slope value.
Average Slope, (%)Road average % slope value.
Total Excavation Fill Length, 3D (m)The total excavation and fill length value for the road.
Road Length, 3D (m)Total length value of the road axis.
Max. Horizontal Curve Radius, (m) Max. horizontal curve radius value used in the project.  
Min. Horizontal Curve Radius, (m)  Min. horizontal curvature radius value used in the project.
Excavation Volume, (m3)The total excavation volume value of the road.
Fill Volume, (m3)The total fill volume value of the road.

Total Excavation Fill Length in the Metrics section after Adding Platform to Road, the Excavation Volume and Filling Volume sections will be calculated and filled in automatically after the excavation Fill Volume Account operation. 

The design of the road axis line is carried out with the help of sections. 

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