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Search Syntax


There are some kind of rules(syntax) to find what you are searching in query pages. This page gives guides how to search in a query page.



Search for exactly matched ones

Searches, only the typed expression/selected from the combobox list.

  • For example: To find the local authority, whose name is exactly Ali Yilmaz

 Ali Yılmaz


Search in Content

  • Seaches data that starts with the typed expression to the search bar.

    For example: Name / surname of the local authority: Ali Yılmaz, Ali Yıldır, Ali Yılgor whcih all include Ali

 Ali Yıl


  • + (Plus) or using "(Quotation) in the search for the expressions; order and its positioning in the target data field is ignored.


    • For example: to get the results : Name / surname Ali Yilmaz, Ali Doğan, Mehmetali Akyılmaz just type:


  +Ali Yıl


  • "(Quotation marks) are used to search for exactly matched results.
    • For example: To get :Name / surname Ali Yılmaz, Yıloğan Ali Yılmaz, Ali Kaya, Murat Ali Ozkan, Hayat Ali Can type:


    • To get Ali Yılmaz at one serach, type:

"Ali Yılmaz"


If you write "Ali Yıl", the result will not come as Ali Yılmaz.


Search non-content

  • Use - (Minus) to exclude the unwanted data in search results.
    • For example: In the content of the local authority's name / surname field .... for non-indelible records: (Yıldızoğan Ali Doğan will return the result.)

Ali Yıl -yılmaz

    • For example: To get the records that not only includes Yılmaz ( e.g. Yıloğan Ali Doğan, Mehmetali Akyılmaz will return the results.) type:

Ali Yıl -"yılmaz"



  • % (Percent) is used for multiple unknown characters.
    • For example: To search for data with B or I characters and characters between them type:


  • You can use _ for an unknown character.
    • For example:  To search for the B and I letters and the data that is a character between these letters type: