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With Block command, existing solid model is divided into blocks suitable for the parameters to be given by the user.

Block Sizes

Maximum block size and block parameters in various sizes to be entered here will allow for the operation to be carried out in such a way that the non-blocked volume will be minimum outside.

Number of Bottom Blocks

It shows the half number of maximum block dimension entered. Calculated result will be the minimum block dimension. Maximum block size: If 10*10*10;

  • Lower block coefficient: Minimum block size for 1: 5*5*5
  • Lower block coefficient: Minimum block size for 2: will be 2.5*2.5*2.5.
Block Acceptance Percentage

When blocking with various sizes for border blocks, it is used to determine how many percent of these blocks should stay within the solid model borders.

Block Angles

It allows for blocks to deviate from the horizontal axis in entered angle value and become inclined. If desired, blocks can be given inclines according to geological status of the area or created solid model, and lost solid model volume amount that cannot be blocked can be minimized. When block angles are "0", all blocks are created perpendicular to "z" axis.


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