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Equal Thickness Curves

It is a features used for Creating Isopach Maps over the Solid Model. 

They are maps that show the change of thickness distribution change in solid model. It is especially used in sedimentary type beds.  

Right click on the solid model that is loaded under the Solid Modelers section of the project database and the isopach map to be created is entered into the Equal Thickness Curve process. 

Parameters used in opened window:

RangeThe thickness change range to be applied (coloring) in theme.
Sampling DistanceSampling distance to be used for interpolation on the surface to be formed of the thickness distribution.
Resulting Elevation Values Shall Be Actual Thickness Values

The surface which will be formed after the process is a feature that creates the surface in such a way that the thickness values in the + Z direction are dense, starting from zero point and varying in thickness. 

With this feature, this surface on the Netpro/MINE screen is transferred to Netcad screen and the curve is passed over this transferred surface and the isopach curves showing the thickness variation will be created automatically when the elevations are printed on these curves. 

If the relevant part is passive, the surface to be formed will be positioned as a flat surface, and not at zero position as a reference, but the top edge of the solid model as a reference. Both methods can be used according to demands and needs.

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