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Stratigraphic Modeling | Merge Intervals

The two selected intervals are combined with the new name. The main vein is used to model the ore veins that are separated as sub-veins.

After the interval merging process, the combined intervals are automatically assigned to the "Merged Interval" group. When you want to select the intervals that you want to combine from the model definitions, the Interval Type group should be selected from the interval groups. 

Active Template NameThe active template defined in the project is selected. In order to select a template, the template must be defined with the define template operation.
Interval TypeThe relevant interval type is selected for the intervals to be merged.
New NameIt is the new name to be given to the merged intervals after the merge operation. For example; If A seam and B seam are combined, a new interval name "AB" can be defined.
1. Interval
It is the 1st range where the merge operation will be applied.
2. IntervalIt is the 2nd range where the merge operation will be applied.
Min. Ore ThicknessIntervals shorter than the specified thickness are not included in the merging process. It is especially used to exclude from modeling thinner veins that are separate (far away) from the main vein, which we refer to as isolated ore.
Min. Waste ThicknessEspecially in repetitive intervals, if the distance between two intervals is shorter than the specified interval, the two intervals are combined. It is treated as a single interval. In this way, thicker main veins representing the ore are modeled.

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