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Stratigraphic Modeling | Model Display

It is a tool used to display surface and solid models produced after stratigraphic modeling, automatically sorted from oldest to oldest according to age, with different display features. With the help of this tool, the results produced after modeling can be evaluated dynamically.

With this feature, which is also used after the sectioning process, stratigraphic models can also be evaluated as sections. 

Model Information
Data TypeThis is the field where the surface or solid model display type is selected.
SchemaThis is the field where the active scheme that will be used for display in the project is selected.
Single ModelWhen the single model display method is selected, only the surface or solid model of the selected lithology/interval is displayed with the slider.
All ModelWhen the all-model display method is selected, when the slider is moved from late to old, surface or solid models belonging to the lithology/interval are displayed cumulatively. When the slider is brought to the last older unit, the entire model is displayed.
IntervalWhen the Interval display method is selected, two sliders are created. By selecting two lithologies or intervals with the slider, only surface or solid models within the selected range are displayed.
Young - OldIt is the area where lithology or intervals are automatically sorted from young unit to old unit and displayed dynamically with a slider according to the selected display methods.
ReportThis is the area where information is given to guide the user when there is a surface or solid model that was previously created, deleted afterward, or is inactive in layers for display.

Single Model Display

All Model Display

Interval Display

Stratigraphic Model Section View

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