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Stratigraphic Modeling | Multiple Surface Model

It is a tool that enables the production of surface and solid models according to age order using lithology or intervals. With this feature, faults can be automatically added to the surface and solid models to be produced.

Data TypeThis is the area where lithology or interval selection is made for modeling.
Interval TypeThe data type is the field that is active when the Interval is selected. From this area, vein, oxidation, sulfur, alteration interval types, and intervals previously produced by interval merging processes and stack definitions can be selected.
Coordinate FilterThis is the area where the surface coordinates (Top, Bottom, Lower, etc.) of the lithology or intervals to be modeled are selected.
Interval/Lithology to be Modelled
OreIt allows marking the definition representing the ore from the Interval/Lithology definitions that will be modeled with stratigraphic modeling. With this feature, for definitions where ore selection has been made, the "Interval Separation" feature calculates the waste volumes that are within the ore and outside of parameters.
FaultsIt allows faults added to the project data catalog to be included in the stratigraphic modeling process. In order to see the faults that will be used in the model definitions, the "Fault Sorting" process must be performed beforehand
OrderIt is used to sort Interval/Lithology definitions stratigraphically, from young to old, using age relationships.
ResetThis is the option used to remove the selections made and the lists produced in the Interval/Lithology area and Interval to be Modeled/Lithology sections.  
Only Add Surfaces that ChangedIn the case of the intersection of young units and old units, the geometric operation is applied. When this option is activated, only surfaces that intersect and between which geometric operations are applied are produced as the resulting surface. The original surface is used for surfaces that have not been used for any geometric operation.
Add Solid Model It is a feature that allows a solid model to be produced between the surfaces produced after the bulk model generation process and added to the project.
Estimation MethodsThese are the methods used to produce surfaces using lithology or interval definitions according to the Young-Old relationship. Detailed information about estimation methods can be found in the Model Definitions section. 

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