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Stratigraphic Modeling | Stack Definitions

It allows stack definitions of selected lithologies to be made. 

In order to define a stack, the stack should be named by selecting "Stack Group" in the "Project / Properties / Seam Definitions" section. More than one stack definition can be made in a project. 

It is a lithological group formed by the overlapping of facies with similar or different lithologies over a period of time. There is a young-old relationship among these units. This relationship ultimately creates a relative age. When defining a stack, units that are related to each other should be selected. 

Stack NameThis is the field where the stack names defined by selecting the Stack group in the Project / Properties / Seam Definitions section are selected.
Show the Stacks (3D)It enables the stack start and end lines to be displayed on the graphic screen after the stack definition process.
Lithological ClusterIt is used to display other lithologies in the stack, other than the lithology/intervals included in the stack definition, and to display which stack group they belong to as a list.
ResetIt is used to reset the selections made in the stack definitions window and the merging list.
Stack Definitions
Show LithologiesWhen all lithologies of the stack option is activated, it is used to display other lithologies in the list, except for the selection included in the stack.

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