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Stratigraphic Modeling | Template Details

It is a feature that allows the rules defined for lithology or interval definitions in the model definitions window and the combined intervals after the interval merging process to be displayed as a diagram on the grid screen (canvas). 

RulesIt is the selection made to display the rules defined for intervals and lithologies in the form of a diagram with the model definition feature.
Merge IntervalsThis is the selection that allows the combined intervals to be displayed in diagram form after the interval merging process. With this feature, the names of interval definitions are displayed before and after the interval merging process. This feature allows users to see which two interval combinations form the combined intervals.
Template NameThis is the area that allows template selection. It allows viewing of rule and interval combinations defined in the selected template.
Horizontal DistanceIt refers to the horizontal distance of the rule representations defined on the grid screen to the left edge of the page.
Vertical DistanceIt is the vertical distance value between rule representations defined on the grid screen.
DisplayIt allows the defined parameters to be displayed on the grid screen.

With this feature, by selecting more than one template defined in the project, the rules defined in the templates can be viewed in a practical way.

In addition, after the interval merge operations, the main veins belonging to the origin of the merged veins can be displayed on this screen with the interval merge option. 

Rules defined for lithologies

Rules defined for intervals

Intervals that are merged with "Interval Merge" feature

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