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Netcad Success Stories

Advanced Sensing for Urban Automation

 ASUA is a scalable urban automation platform serving ready components, APIs and services by designing and applying new self-configurable communication mechanisms for fully connected future cities.


Iran Agricultural Golestan Region Information System - AGRINET

Parsine Tarhe Atieh (PTA) the partner of Netcad in Iran has well developed and customized Iran's Agricultural Cadastre and Organizational Interoperable  Web GIS (AGRINET) at Golestan Region Project on Netcad platform. It is now possible to trace all agriculture, yield, pasture, cattle and other related information for the region wide including the related legal information, pictures, parcel definations, land use, ownership information and satellite imagery.

Disaster Management System

Disaster Information System Project (ABIS) is developed for performing all the processes of the disasters eventuated or probable to be within the scope of Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency.

Disaster Control Management - Dicoma

The goal of the DiCoMa project is to ensure effective management of large disasters and complex emergencies by providing a set of tools that aim to improve the effectiveness of decision makers in dealing with disasters by better training and in situ support in the field.

Farm Oriented Open Data in Europe - Foodie

The agriculture sector is a unique sector due to its strategic importance for both European citizens (consumers) and economy (regional and global) which, ideally, should make the whole sector a network of interacting organizations.

Azerbaijan Real Estate Registration, Cadastre and Management System (RERCMS)

”Azerbaijan Real Estate Registry and Cadastre Management System” (RERCMS) project has started at the date of March 14, 2012 as signed between World Bank and Azerbaijan Government.

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