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Iran Agricultural Golestan Region Information System - AGRINET

Parsine Tarhe Atieh (PTA) the partner of Netcad in Iran has well developed and customized Iran's Agricultural Cadastre and Organizational Interoperable  Web GIS (AGRINET) at Golestan Region Project on Netcad platform. It is now possible to trace all agriculture, yield, pasture, cattle and other related information for the region wide including the related legal information, pictures, parcel definations, land use, ownership information and satellite imagery.

AGRINET Iran Golestan Region Agricultural Information System

Netcad has worked in cooperation with Parsine Tarhe Atieh (PTA) Iran in AGRINET Project . The project has well developed and customized on Netcad platform.


Project Process

Fully customized data input, report, chart and query screens allow directors, personnel and also citizens to reach the inventory by their ID number. All interfaces have been designed in their own language to ease the daily operation including the desktop softwares for data input.

Benefits of the Project

In this manner, farmer or investor can access to the region wide land information for all kinds of agricultural activities where it is aimed to extend it for country wide.