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Edit Points

With the edit point process, the incorrect elevations can be corrected interactively on the screen. 

Triangle boundaries and corner points will be automatically activated on the 3D screen when the edit point operation is entered. The point to be edited is selected from the screen with the left mouse button. After the process the point X, Y, Z values can be changed, the editor will open automatically. 

Edit Another PointWhen the point edit editor is open, it is used to edit by selecting different points on the surface.
Change Point PositionThis feature is used to move the selected point for editing to a selected position on the surface. When entering the change point position operation, any position on the surface is selected with the left mouse button. When the Apply button is clicked on the Edit Point window, after the process is completed, the point is moved to the new position.
X / Y / Z CoordinatesIt is a feature that allows the selected point to be moved to different coordinates by making X, Y, Z coordinate value input in the Edit Point window that is opened after point selection is made on the surface. After changing the coordinate information, click on the Apply button.
ApplyIt is the section that enables the changes made on the editor to be applied.
Exitthe feature that allows the editor to close.

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