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Triangle Rotation

The purpose of the Triangle Rotation process is to create the most suitable land model, especially to correct the sudden turns of the bezel in a structure where the curves must be normal.

The joining of two points as triangular edges means that interpolation between the points. The elevation changes over the edges of the triangle need to be smooth. As far as this is connected to the triangle, the reception in the space is also connected. Reflectors, for example, are particularly important to keep the point where the land slope changes; creek beds, water section lines, slopes, necks, etc. The triangles created may not be suitable for the land structure in that area. In this case, the 'Triangle Rotation' operation can be used to interactively correct and improve the terrain model. 

On the selected surface, enter the triangle rotation process with the help of the right mouse button. The triangle boundaries will automatically be displayed on the 3D screen when the process is logged. When the triangle edges to be rotated are selected with the left mouse button, a triangle rotation operation will be performed automatically.

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