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TIME TRAVELER is a module which has been prepared for display of time supported data. It displays variation to:

  • Raster data
  • CAD data
  • Square data
  • Spatial data

into which different time values are inputted over time via a particular slider controller.

Thanks to this,

  • The ortho – photos for 2000 and ortho – photos for 2007 may be included in the same project and you may view any of them as you wish thanks to TIME TRAVELER. Off-the-shelf data as well as plan data pertaining to different years may also be included in the same data.
  • A plan undergoes revision many times after it is made. It is very easy to monitor these revisions thanks to TIME TRAVELER.
  • Data undergoes changes many times throughout a Project process. There are changes to a plan, a road project, etc… With TIME TRAVELER, you can travel to the former versions of your project while being able to observe these changes.
  • You have data such as incidents like earthquake and accidents pertaining to different times. With TIME TRAVELER, you can generate mappings of such data in different times while also being able to ensure entry of the data pertaining to the respective years only in the models you would develop on Architect.

You can use any data, which are of a chronological significance, thanks to TIME TRAVELER.

The application may be used by activating it under NETSTORE.

It is activated with the option, “Activate”, selected on the window, Application Menu / Netstore / My Applications.

In order to ensure that the activated program is included on the band menu, it is selected via the window, Application Menu / Netstore / My Applications and then, the option, “Uploaded the selected item(s)” is used.

To implement the completed tasks, Netcad GIS is restarted and then the application will be displayed under the menu of Tools.