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Create Solid Model From STR File

Create Solid Model From STR File operation is used to read the *.str extension files, on which the cross sections that are created on Surpac software are saved and to create the solid model from these cross sections. 

Read Surpac STR File

STR File Name: File (*.str) index that includes the cross sections created with Surpac software is introduced.

Create Solid Model (from Cross Sections)

Method: Solid model creation method is chosen. Shell Model or Tetrahedron method can be chosen as a method. If the cross section are not parallel to each other; we suggest that you choose Shell Model method. 

Number of Intersections: It is the number of intersections that are intended to be created at solid model creation phase. If you do not want to create any intersection; 0 should be written on the line. 

Model Sampling Detail Percentage: It allows for more often sampling of points that create cross section lines. If 0 is written on the line; no sampling occurs, if 100 is written, however, sampling is applied. Performance will be decreased but the accuracy of the solid model will increase when the sampling detail increases. 

Apply Simplification: It should be used if you want to apply changes in the direction of parameters given to section points. 

Simplification/Min. Point Distance: Minimum distance between section points should be written on this line. 

Min Angle Between Simplification/Sequential Segments: Minimum angle degree between cross lines should be written on this line.

Add Solid Model to Project3D Layer Name: It is the name of the layer, upon which the solid model will be saved. Created layer can be observed in Solid Models tab under Catalog.

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