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Add Field

After the transition is added, the area can be entered according to the operating conditions in the design of the quarry which is created and maintained in the plan view, and the transition can be arranged according to these areas. 

Right click on the created transition to enter "Add Field" command. Firstly, the fields created in the plan plane are selected from the 3D screen and a window for defining field values is opened. Here, when the field value is defined and the window is closed with the OK button, the field value is assigned to the current transition. 

An unlimited number of field values can be assigned to a transition. 

As the field value steps that are different from Transition progress, the part inside the area will be calculated according to the field value and the remaining part will be calculated according to the default value of the transition. 

To use the transition definition in the quarry design, the Ratio Name (R01), which has already been defined in the Step Angle or Step Width sections in the Default Step Definitions, is written. 


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