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Trial Version Netcad Installation 


Please send your personal information and your request to including the institution/organization you are working, with what purpose you want to use Netcad and which Netcad modules.

If the evaluation results positively by Netcad, a username and password will be sent to you in order to use the demo.

Single user Netcad 7.7 GIS installations are downloaded from the All Installations section and installations are completed. Users can get help for installation details here.

After installation, click on the Netcad 7.7 GIS shortcut automatically generated on the desktop.

The Username and Password entry screen will be displayed after the transaction.

Netcad will open by entering the correct username and password.



If the username password screen does not appear, users must open the IP address of ports and TCP / UDP port 475 and 476.


  1. Check that the ip is static and defined in the system.
  2. Check that the port 476 for Netcad5 and port 476 for netcad6 is open.



  • Run cmd in the Run section of your computer and run with the "Run as Administrator" process.


The following section will be written after typing telnet.

-> o 476 -> enter

a) If ‘Telnet is not recognized as an internal or external command, executable program or batch file‘ is displayed; Telnet Client and Telnet Server must be opened from the Control Panel / Add / Remove Programs / Open or Close Windows Properties menu.

b) If '… connecting to the server' is displayed;  475 UDP / TCP port is open from the network

c) If _ is flashing, there is no problem.

3. If Netcad does not open despite the completion of operations, there may be a cracked Netcad existing on the computer or network.


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