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The following controls can be used to display the fields in the desired format as a result of the Netigma query. The controls allow the entered data to be entered in the desired format and data type. 

For example, if you are asked to display a report on a column of the grid in the query result, the Report View control can be used. The control displays the set report in the corresponding column of the grid. 

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Group Features 

  • Group : Determines how the domain is displayed on the query page.
    • Active : Indicates that the ability to include the field within a group is active.
    • Target Area :  Indicates the region where the field will be displayed on the page.
      • Top : Indicates that the form will be located in the top region.
      • Left : Indicates that the form will be located in the left zone.
      • Right : Indicates that the form will be placed on the right zone.
      • Bottom : Indicates that the form will be in the bottom region.
      • Action : Indicates that there will be an area reserved for links and buttons under the form.
    • Text : it is the title of the grouped area.
    • Image : The icon that will be placed in the grouped area title.
    • Type : Determines how labels and icons are displayed during grouping
      • Text : It shows that only text will be displayed in the grouped area.
      • Image :  It shows that only images will be displayed in the grouped area.
      • Both : It indicates that the icon and the text will be displayed side by side in the grouped area.




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