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NETIGMA Homepage


Homepage can be considered as application's dashboard. NETIGMA allows you to quickly and easily change the content and design of your homepage. This section provides anatomy of NETIGMA homepage-what are in here- and explains each part of it, so that you can learn how to use them to customize your homepage.

Anatomy of Homepage

Descriptions for the things in the screen above:

Quick Tabs

They place at the top of the page. Provide shortcuts to go certain places, filtering and call back the last operation occured page. The detailed information for each tab are given in the Quick Tabs page

Quick Tabs are at the top of the page:

Application Menu List

This list by default placed at the left of the page. Defined operations and applications can be positioned here with their display names. So you can access apps in a short time. ( You can open or hide this side bar)

The second quick button is a shortcut to homepage. You should enrich here by adding somethings, for detailed information what and how you can do that see here.

Map Page

If you have defined map in your application, this quick access button will be among quick tabs. For detailed information about map pages see here.

Last Active Page(?)

Brings the last page that you2ve done an operation. For example you performed a query then you switch the screen to the homepage and if you want come back the page that you've done things click here. Note that it doe not brings last visited page, it brings last active page.

You can easily acces the defined query pages, prepared maps, reports, or just a member of an object etc. Here some syntax you should use to find the things what you are looking for. For detailed information about search syntax see here.

Browse History

It list the activity history for operaions of the current login session.

User Operations

  • Choose from language options defined.
  • With "Your comments", feel free to forward your views via email.
  • "Exit" from the application from here.
  • Manage Meta Language: add your language file from here

Common Helps

Lead you to tutorials included documents about common topics: Homepage, quick tabs, homepage operations, and search syntax

Themes and Layouts

You can change the default Netigma interface by selecting one from pre-designed interfaces:

Right Main Menu: Place the application menu list on the right/left

Hide Main Menu: Hide Application menu list

Hide Banner: Hide/open the banner.

Page Menu

They are homepage operations to add things to the content area. Detailed info are given in Homapage Operations page.

Helps For Homepage

Documents about webparts and display options which also include example usages.

Content Area

This is the place you add things called dashboard. You can add interactive charts, reports and other type of webparts here with Page Menu operations.