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NETIGMA Developer - Home page

Coding is the last option...

We recommend that you review Netigma capabilities well before coding. Click here for Netigma capabilities.

If the features on Netigma do not meet your needs, you can improve Netigma without rewriting the entire form or query with small plugins.

For example, if the form data entry types defined on Netigma are not sufficient, you can prepare to design your editor . The editor you create will be selected from the meta-preparation interfaces. You can use the editor you prepared in Netigma forms. See also for more information to How to customize Netigma? .

Development Environment

Netigma Meta classes are independent of Web / Windows. The existing interpreter classes include improved web controls with The following applications must be installed to develop applications with Netigma or to write plugins on Netigma.

  • netFramework 4.6
  • Visual Studio 2015
  • Netcad Base 3 or over
  • If the map interaction is used; Netgis Server 5