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Composite Display Settings


Composite specimens can be displayed along with drillings. From the "Composite Display Settings" window on the right-click menu of the "Composites" layer in the Data Catalog, it is possible to set the display settings of the composites on the 3D screen. In parallel with the display settings made, the composites will be displayed on the 3D screen. 

AttributeThis is the section where the attribute value to be used in composite representation is selected.
Composite Mark LengthIt allows the composite sections on the drillings to be displayed at the specified sign length.
Visible Drillings 
3D Display on Tenor Basis

The attribute information of the ore is shown in a cylindrical structure that is sized and arranged on the borehole.  

The size of the formed cylinders is automatically adjusted according to the grading of the ore.  

Display of tenor distributions in this structure on drilling; provides an easier and more concise interpretation of the region of intense mineralization with high grade value.

Display CoefficientIt is the number of floors that will determine the display size on the 3D screen of the cylinders to be formed, according to the selected attribute value in 3D rendering process.

At the end of the composition, desired composite lengths as well as shorter lengths are produced. These are displayed in two different colors. Composites with a short length are not usually used in estimation. However, in the case where number of composites are low, short composites may be used. It should be determined whether or not the short data will be used during estimation after the opinion of geostatistical expert is taken. If no short samples are to be used, the check box in front of the "Extract Short Instances" option in the Other Criteria section must be checked in the "Add Composite" window. 



Within the project, more than one composites can be made, each of which can be kept in different layers. The active layer of the different composites held under the "Composites" layer will be used. 



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