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Attribute -> Surface


It enables the creation of attribute change maps on the block model according to the selected attribute information. 


The zones of high-value mineralization zones provide the possibility to follow zones on two dimensional planes. 

AttributeDivision where the attribute value to be used in surface creation is chosen.
MethodIt is the part where the methods to be used in surface formation process (Average, Total, Median, Min, Max) are selected.
FormulaBy using the variable "D" for the block attribute value and adding the function to the variable "D" with the help of the "fx" section, the resulting surface can be intervened.
ColorThe result produced in the direction of the input parameters can be used to add theme to the surface.
Rainbow ColorsRainbow colors are used in the theme produced in case it is active. In case it is passive, theme is produced using two different colors selected from min. and max. value selection section.
Equivalency CurvesIn case it is active, it allows to create a theme from min. attribute value to max. attribute value.
Symbolic SurfaceThe resultant surface is indicated by Min. Z and Max. Z to be displayed symbolically. In case this section is passive, the surface produced by the attribute value used is Min. Attribute and Max. Will provide a surface representation in the attribute range.
PreviewThe selected parameters provide a preview of the surface to be produced after the process in the direction of the line.
Find LimitThe selected parameters ensure that the preview of the surface to be produced after the process is produced within the screen limits.

If the Symbolic Surface option is inactive, the attribute values to be used in thematic production are assigned to the surface elevation values. The advantage of this process is that when the feature surface produced on the 3D screen equals the 2D screen, curves of calorific values can be passed on. 



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