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Add Composite


Composites within Catalog are chosen with a right-click or Add Composite command is chosen with a right-click on project. In the Composition window, opened with this command, Attribute Information should be chosen, lithological unit should also be selected with the attribute according to user's intention.

Composite NameName of the composite, added below composites.
LengthUnit length of composites to be created. Composite length, as a coarse approach, can be chosen a little bigger than the average length of samples. 
Acceptance Percentage

Samples shorter than composite length can be obtained during composition. Acceptance percentage is used to determine the smallest acceptable sample length. For example, if composition is being carried out for 2m length, 75% acceptance percentage will mean that samples up to 0.75 x 2 = 1.5m will be taken into consideration as 2m composite samples.  

Assumed Core Recovery

It is the ratio of the core length obtained in a maneuver during drill to how much the set has proceeded with that maneuver in percentage.

Assumed Specific WeightCore Unit volume weight.

Composition can be done using lithology. For this, Using Lithology option should be active. In this case, one or more lithological unit is chosen and parts where composition will take place are determined. If Using Lithology option is passive, composition will be carried out taking all lithological units into consideration.

Attribute It is the part where attributes, on which composition will be carried out, are chosen.
Drill Group It is the part used for composition application on selected drill groups created earlier.
Use Negative Sample

It is a very common situation that the samples do not contain any analysis value. In raw sampling records, "-1" value is assigned automatically for samples that do not have a program value.

Start from Ground LevelIt is the feature used for the composition to start from ground level.
Remove Short SamplesComposites with a short length are not usually used in estimation. However, in the case where number of composites are low, short composites may be used. It should be determined whether or not the short data will be used during estimation after the opinion of geostatistical expert is taken. If short samples will not be used, "Remove Short Samples" in Other Criteria within "Add Composite" window should be checked.
Remove UnvaluedIt is the feature used to remove the cores that do not have a attribution value from composition.
Apply FilterIt is the feature used to add composite to coordinate values or attribute values by filtering.
Contents of Solid ModelIt is the feature used to apply the composition to drills within selected solid model.

After composition, "Raw Sampling Records, "Sampling Records" are transferred within this. 


Determination of optimal composite length and acceptance length is a job for experts. The one who estimated the source and planned the mine should do it. 


Multiple composition can be done in a working project and all of these can be saved on different layers. Composite, of which the layer is active will be used among different ones saved under "Composites" layer.