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Stratigraphic Modeling | Borehole Correlation

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It is the screen used to display all or selected boreholes lined up side by side on a 2D screen in order to make correlations between borehole data, make interval definitions, and update existing interval definitions.

Borehole Criteria
Borehole GroupThis is the field used to select a borehole group. It provides a listing of the boreholes remaining in the selected borehole group.
Borehole NameAllows borehole selection from the drop-down borehole list. Bulk selection or selection from the list can be made.
Horizontal DistanceIn the grid screen (canvas) where the boreholes are displayed, it represents the horizontal distance between two boreholes.
Vertical DistanceIt allows the boreholes to be shifted vertically by the entered distance value on the grid screen (canvas) where the boreholes are displayed.
Elevation ValueIt allows borehole elevation values ​​to be displayed on the grid screen (canvas).
Elevation IntervalIt enables the borehole elevation values ​​to be displayed within the determined elevation range.
Show Selected BoreholesIt allows boreholes selected from the graphic screen to be displayed on the grid screen.
Show BoreholesIt ensures that all changes made to the parameters are applied in the borehole correlation window.
Lithology Properties
Horizontal LengthAllows the horizontal length of the borehole log displayed on the grid screen to be increased.
Distance Between BoreholesIn the case of using more than one borehole side by side on the grid screen, it enables the distance between boreholes to be determined.
Show the TextureProject features allow the pattern definitions specified in the lithology definitions to be displayed on the borehole log.
Interval Properties
Horizontal LengthIt allows to increase in the horizontal length of the range definitions displayed on the grid screen.
IntervalAllows the selected interval definition to be displayed on the grid screen. These intervals can be interval definitions of seam/vein, oxidation, sulfur, alteration, stack, or combined.
Update IntervalElevation values ​​can be edited by clicking on the interval definitions on the grid screen. It allows users to update such changes made.
Add IntervalIt allows adding a new interval to the selected borehole data by using the opened interval adding window. After the interval addition process, the grid screen should be updated with the show borehole operation.