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Updating All The Records

"Information Form" allows you to edit more than one record at a time used in versions Netigma 2.0.025 and beyond. Administrators must have permission with the name "FORM_FW_GENELB.TOPLUDUZENLEME” in order to do this process.

After you pick the record in the query listed, click the link on the bottom right corner in the grid view under the group process. Choosing all will lead you to editing all the records in the information form page.

Bilgi Formu sayfasWhen information form page is activated with the option "all records edit", the commands on the page will take roll as if you are entering a new record, thus all the records may differ.

Entering Data To Fields


Fields are not supposed to be updated with the same values. You may keep some fields stable while the rest are edited together. Your options are;

- Closed: uses default value. You are not allowed to edit the value.

- Open: values may be edited afther choosen. Notice that the field must be edited even if value isn't entered, which means leaving a field empty will update the field as an empty field.

- Macro: values are editable using macro. For example; entering the value "[Neighboorhood_Area]x2" for the field "[Neighboorhood_Area]" will multiply all the values by 2.

Macro fields are listed in logical order. Macro's including macro fields are taken into consideration while listing...




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