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Model Validation

Model Validation Feature provides correction of following information on solid models & surfaces;
  • Contrary Triangles,
  • Faulty Triangles,
  • Points with same coordinates,
  • Spaces,
  • Faulted Elevation Values,
  • Minimum triangle area value,
  • Empty areas.

After the correction operation, new models with a correction will be added under the related project layer.

Block Model Merge/Combine

Block Model combine operation provides merging the block models with;
  • Produced with different sizes,
  • Models with different resource estimations applied,
  • Seperated(different location),azimuth & dip, 
  • Models with multiple attributes,
After the operation, thematic displays can be done based on the attributes on the block models. 

Material Mapping

Material Mapping is a feature that allows lithology information to be assigned as attributes to block model data and displayed thematically by using the lithology information contained in solid models produced by Implicit modeling, stratigraphic modeling, or with different classical methods.

The Material Mapping feature developed in the new version is used to transfer the geological structure into the block model as an attribute.

Google Earth Import & Export (*kml, *.kmz)

The data inside the data catalog can be saved as *.kml & *.kmz format and can be transferred to the Google Earth environment with this feature.
Likewise, data saved in *.kml and *.kmz formats now can be imported to the NETPROMine.

New Shortcuts for Practical Use

During project processes, now you can quickly advance project steps with renewed shortcuts,
  • L : "Find Limit" command is activated.
  • U : Provies display of an objects in "-Z" direction.
  • O : "Object Properties" command can be used.
  • K : "Section"command is activated.
  • D : "Zone Section" command is activated
  • Space : "Coordinate Calculater Tool" window will be open. 
  • N : "Add Point" command will be activated.
  • A : "Draw Area" command will be activated. 
  • R : Rotates objects on the 3D screen. 
  • X : Fixing the "X" coordinate for editing operations.
  • Y : Fixing the "Y" coordinate for editing operations. 
  • Z : Fixing the "Z" coordinate for editing operations. 

Dynamic Label Displaying with Advanced Label Settings

Labels such as length, slope, real area, projected area, angle, coordinate, and elevation values ​​can be activated at any time during drawing and editing operations and displayed dynamically on the graphic screen with dynamic label settings.

Coordinated Cross-Section Saving Feature

Sections produced after section operations can be saved as *.dxf, *.dwg with their original coordinates.
After the sectioning process is canceled, the saved sections can be loaded back into the software and their positions on the model can be viewed. 

Section & Thematic Display Saving Feature

The sections produced after section operations and the thematic displays of the data can be saved with different operational names and can be displayed again when desired. 
After saving, you can view the saved data at any time you need with the load process.

Update Open-Pit Design According to the Selected Limit

The Open pit layers outside of the selected boundary can be removed. After that operation, new boundaries and open pit layers will be updated automatically. 

"NETPROMine is a 3D mine design solution that offers integrated modeling tools for resource estimation, open pit, underground design, open pit optimization processes, and that is used to plan and manage mining operations seamlessly."

"NETPROMine meets all the requirements of geologists, mining and surveying engineers, researchers, and academicians in the sector and offers flexible solutions."

Geological Modeling

NETPROMine Geological Modeling module provides powerful tools to manage and analyze projects using 3D visualization, drilling data management,surface, solid and block modeling tools along with statistics and geostatistics functions needed in an advanced exploration and resource estimation project.NETPROMine Geological modeling product is an essential component that should be in every installation. Open Pit Planning, Optimization, and Underground Planning products run on this core component.

Technical Brochure

Open Pit Design

Projects can be designed with all stages and design changes can be updated with a single step with NETPROMine Open Pit Planning module.Users can automatically generate and edit interior ramps along with the pitlines, and automatically report all solid and block model creation operations and volume results according to the needs. This module offers practical solutions for your Open-pit design, waste/stock design, tailings dam design,surface road design, and blasting pattern design projects.

Technical Brochure

Open Pit Optimization

With our optimization product, you can optimize long-term production stages. With a mineral resource, a number of economic and metallurgical parameters are entered, allowing the optimum quarry boundaries, surfaces and production amount according to periods to be calculated. By producing results using different optimization parameters and comparing the results, you can produce low cost and high profitability plans, make risk analysis and use alternative reporting options.

Technical Brochure

Underground Design

NETPROMine Underground Planning module offers practical solutions at all stages of underground mining to create the main gallery,curve, spiral, connection roads and support, installation and production plans.It allows ready-made profiles in its library and user-defined profiles to beautomatically draped on the gallery axis. Users can thematize the galleries,add labels, define transparency and use alternative reporting tools by using all the parameters in the design.

Technical Brochure

Implicit Modelling

The NETPROMine implicit modeling is a tool that interests all NETPROMine users who want to quickly build solid models and compare alternatives.Implicit modeling allows solid modeling directly from boreholes or point data and reduces the need for time-consuming digitization and manual solid modeling.The implicit modeling method allows a three-dimensional volumetric function to be defined from the drilling data by using radial basis functions (RBF) and the model surface to be generated from this function.The innovation brought by the implicit modeling method to the mining industry is the speed it brings to the modeling process.

Technical Brochure

Sample Project Application Videos

 1.Data Entry and Evaluation of Data
 2.Surface Creation Processes With Drilling
 3.Add Fault Processes
 4.Create Solid Model Between Intersurface
 5.Create Cross Section Processes
 6.Block Model And Estimation Processes
 7.Open Pit Mining
 8.Underground Mining

Academic Papers

 Open Pit Desing With Netpro/MINE
 Surface Modeling Techniques and the Application to Coal Deposit
 Computer Aided 3D Designs on Open Pit Mining
 Computer Aided Evaluation of Afsin Elbistan Lignite Kislakoy Open Cast Mine
 Investigation of Reserve Distrubution of the Collolar Sector In Afsin-Elbistan Lignite Field By The Netpro/MINE
 Three Dimensional Orebody Modelling And Mine Design
 Technological and Integrated Approach to Open Pits and Underground Mining Project Processes
 A Sample for the Determination of Areas Having Flood Risk in Mining Operational Areas by Basin, Rainfall and Flood Analys Hurman Watercourse, Afsin Elbistan

Course Contents

 Ore Modeling, Open Pit and Underground Design Applications | nk005b/mine
 Geological Solid Modeling Project Applications | nk006b/Geomine