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Attribute Surface (Kriging)

It is the surface created as a result of transferring the attribute values to surface as an elevation with kriging file usage between a specified grid range on X and Y direction according to the selected attribute value. 

Attribute:Analysis values, which are previously composited (calorie, ash, moisture, tenor etc.).
Use The Enclosing Box as Border:Select "yes" in order to use the box enclosing the border line as the border but not the actual border line.
X, Y RangeIt is the distance between grid points on X and Y directions.
KrigIt is the file created after kriging operation. You may find the kriging operation here.
Within BorderIt allows for the surface to be created within or without the selected border.
3D Layer NameIt allows for the created surface to be added as 3D layer under Data Catalog. If left blank, it will just be created as Attribute Surface under Surfaces.

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