Data Update Operation

The data update operation is used to link two different tables through the common field and to update the values of the fields in one table with the fields in the other table.

Like other operations, the data update operation is also used with the image editor = Link. The query is inserted as a separate column on the result screen and executed via the link.

Operation: In order to transfer the student name-surname information in the student table to the "Name" field in the Student's IDs table, a data updating operation is defined using the student,objectid = studentlesson.student_id equation.Example details are given below.

Data Update Operation Properties

Format: When the button next to this property is clicked, a window will pop up where you can enter the XML expression describing how to perform the data update operation. 

In the following window, xml: 

The "Name" column of the Studentlesson table is updated with the information in the NameSurname field in the Students tab for records with students.objectid = studentlesson.student_id. 


<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
<SourceTable>Source Table</SourceTable>
<TargetTable>Target Table</TargetTable>
<SourceColumn>Relation column in source table</SourceColumn>
<TargetColumn>Relation column in target table</TargetColumn>
<SourceColumn>source column for update</SourceColumn> ---it is possible to update more than one column by repeating these two fields.
<TargetColumn>column to be updated in the target table</TargetColumn>


Query Name To Be Processed Before:

If data must be extracted from another query before the update process, the name of the relevant query is written in this field.



When we click on the "Update" button for a record with objectid = 2 in the Students table, the namespace in the Students table will be updated to "Tuncer AYDIN". It can be seen that the update has been completed as a result of the Studentlesson query.